The Importance of Zikr

It is very important to reiterate the above sayings, even though many amongst us have heard these before. This is because Allah (SWT) said, "Remind them because Zikr (or admonition) benefits the believers." (Surah 51 verse 55:Q). There are many traditions regarding the assemblies of Zikr. The Prophet (S.A.S) said, "When you pass by the gardens of Paradise enjoy yourself. What are the gardens of Paradise? He said the assembles of Zikr (remembrance of Allah (SWT)). The Prophet (S.A.S) said that the angels of Allah roam about on the horizon, all except the angels of creation. When they see any assembly of Zikr, they accost them and say, "Come unto your goals". They then come to the place surrounding them, remembering Allah (SWT)." Once Hazrat Ali (K.A.) turned out the storytellers from the congregational mosque of Basra, but he did not turn out Hasan Basri (R.A.), as he used deal with the Hereafter, contemplation of death, defects of soul, mechanism of the devil, such is the assembly of which Mohammed (S.A.S) said: "To be present in the assembles of Zikr is better than one thousand raka'at of prayer - (Salat), visiting one thousand sick men and attending one thousand funerals." (Hadith).
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