Fear the Almighty Allah (SWT)

Once Sheikh Shibli (R) said: "Whenever I have fear of Allah (SWT) in me I have found a fresh door of knowledge and wisdom open to me." Allah (SWT) says: "And of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT), and Allah (SWT) has compassion of His bondsmen."

Our Prophet (S.A.S) said that "Fear of Allah (SWT) is the root of all wisdom." The Prophet (S.A.S) said: "The face that gets wet with the smallest teardrop from fear of Allah (SWT) is safe from entrance into the fire of Hell." He (S.A.S) has also said: "When a Muslim shivers with the fear of Allah (SWT) his sins fall away from him like leaves falling from a tree." He (S.A.S) said, "A person who weeps with the fear of Allah (SWT) cannot go to hell until milk goes back into the teats," and this is impossible so it will be impossible to go to hell if you fear Allah (SWT) and weep through fear of Him.

The Prophet (S.A.S) says: "All things fear a person who fears Allah (SWT), while everything is a source of fear to him who fears somebody other than Allah (SWT)." The Prophet (S.A.S) says: "No drop is more dear to Allah than two drops, a drop of tear shed in the fear of Allah and a drop of blood shed in the path of Allah (SWT).

This verse was revealed in the Quran when Hazrat Sohaib (R.A.) left Makka for Medina. He suffered so heavily in the hands of the kuffar Quraish that he decided to leave Makka. Soon after he left Makka a group of Kafir Quraish also followed him by order of their leader.

When the party became visible to him he shouted to them and said: "You know that I am a better archer than all of you. So long as I have a single arrow left with me, you will not be able to approach me and, when I finish all my arrows, I shall fight you with my sword, as long as it is in my hand. If you like you can get my money which I have left in Makka and my two women slaves, in lieu of me." And they agreed.

The Prophet (S.A.S) was in Quba at that time. When he saw Hazrat Sohaib (R.A.) coming he remarked: "A good bargain, Sohaib!"
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