The Strength of Islam and our duty as Muslims

People who do not judge according to the Law of Allah (SWT) are "unbelievers" (5:44), "wrongdoers" (5:45), and "evil liars" (5:47).

The records of Islamic History teach us that all outstanding pious people have had the courage to live a righteous life, following the guidance of the Quran and Hadith and taking decisions according to the Law of Allah. It is not courage to accept evil, but courage is to speak the truth regardless of personal consequences, as exemplified by the Prophets and Mujahideen of the past.

After Prophet Muhammed (S.A.S) there are no more future prophets, therefore the duty falls on us to work in the name of Allah (SWT). Hazrat 'Abdul Qadir Jilani (R), Hazrat Bayazid Al-Bistami (R), Hazrat Abul Hasan Shazli (R) Khaja Muinuddin Chisti (R.A), Hazrat Data Ganji Bakhsh (R), Baba Hazrat Shah Jalal (R), like many others worked hard, devoting and sacrificing themselves for the cause of Allah (SWT). They travelled thousands of miles, faced and overcame many obstacles in exercising their righteous and selfless way of life, educating, encouraging and helping people from all walks of life.

It is narrated about Bayazid al-Bistami (R), that he was asked, "When does a man know that he has attained real gnosis (understanding)?" He said, "At the time when he becomes annihilated in the knowledge of Allah (SWT), and is made everlasting on the carpet of Allah (SWT); without self and without creation." "If this is Sufism! Then let Allah (SWT) make thee die to thyself and make thee live according to every wish of Allah!" his questioners exclaimed.

Abu Sa'id al-Khudri (R) said to his disciples, "To be a Sufi one must give up all worries and there was no worse then the feeling and being a servant to one's self. Whenever anyone has attached himself to his own self, the sensation which occupies him prevents Allah (SWT) from being within him, and thus he has separated himself from Allah (SWT)." When a man knows himself to be non-existent with respect to the greatness of Allah (SWT) and understands that Allah (SWT) is the Living, the Eternal who has created him and the whole universe, the size of which is incomprehensible to him, and he fully submits his whole self to Allah (SWT), then he becomes a friend of Allah (SWT).

As Muhammed Shakistani (R) said: "The traveller on the road to Allah (SWT) is that one who is aware of his origin."

Khaja Muinuddin Chisti (R) is one of the most famous Sufi saints who came from Khurasan which is in Iran and settled in Ajmer Sharif in India. The Muslims of the Indian Sub-Continent must extend their thanks and gratitude to Khaja Muinuddin Chisti (R).

During the Kingdom of Pritiraj he travelled with some of his disciples via Lahore to Ajmer Sharif in India. On their way they had to overcome many hardships and obstacles and had to fight against the suppression of Pritiraj. Over time Pritiraj surrendered to Mohammed Guri and a Muslim Kingdom was established in India. Through the teachings of Hazrat Muinuddin Chisti (R) people in India came to accept Islam and gradually the numbers of Muslims increased throughout India. To this day thousands of people visit his shrine.

A little over a century later came the Mogul Empire in India ruled by Akbar. Akbar was a Muslim but he introduced a new religion called Din-i-Ilahi and asked his subjects to join his religion. He said, that this religion was for everybody so anyone could embrace his religion (because it served the political purpose of his own time, which is forbidden in the Quran).

Islam is a complete way of life and nothing must be added to it otherwise we will lose the value of Islam and the Kafir will take over us as is happening at the present day. Suppose you blew up a balloon after a certain stage you put a nail into it, it would burst. Also, if we have a gallon of milk in front of us and someone puts a drop of urine in it the milk will be rendered unfit to drink. So in short as soon as we accept that Allah (SWT) is La Sharik Maboob (i.e. the Allah (SWT) without associates or partners) we live our life according to the Quran and Sunna, we are right, otherwise may Allah (SWT) forgive us.

A saint called Sheikh Faruq Ahmed Sirhind (R) known as Mujaddid Alf-i Thani (R) intervened in Akbar's new religion and told him that what he was doing was against Islam. So the Mogul Empire under Akbar organised a debate against Mujaddid Alf-i Thani (R) and his followers. During this time a strong wind blew down the empire's tents and one of the pillars fell down onto Akbar which resulted in his death, and along with him died his new religion.

After Akbar, his son Salim known as Jahangir became the King of the Mogul Empire. Jahangir used to take advise from Mujadid Alf-i Thani (R) until he married Nur Jahan. The Queen Nur Jahan used her position to influence the King and his subjects to spread the Shi'ite religion throughout the Kingdom.

Once again the Mujaddid (R) intervened to preserve Islam, and despite being jailed for his righteous actions he succeeded in serving Allah (SWT). One of the reasons for being jailed was that Mujaddid (R) refused to bow down to anyone except Allah (SWT) but Jahangir tried to force him to bow down in his court with the conspiracy of his Prime Minister and Nur Jahan. However, he did not submit to their wishes and fortunately after a great deal of hard work and effort he finally succeeded and saved Islam yet again, otherwise India would have been under Shi'ite rule, and Islamic rule in India would have been written differently.

After all the efforts and sacrifices endured by these holy pious sincere people, the Muslim people of India should be grateful and remember Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-i Thani (R), and pay homage to him for saving Islam from disaster twice, just for the sake of Allah (SWT). They left this duty to us, so all of us should work hard to remain true to the role of Khalifa, establishing the Law of Allah (SWT) in this world.

Here Allah (SWT) relates in Surah AR-RAHMAN 23 - How kind Allah (SWT) is to Man - He gave this Quran - He teaches man how to read (Speech) and He created all others to obey Man - and Man to obey his Creator, Allah (SWT) only. He hasn't given such power to anyone else. And all other creations obey Allah (SWT)'s order - that they should obey man. But only Man is not obeying His ORDER. As I discussed earlier - Allah (SWT) has given Man leadership over all HIS creations - (Reward to Man). So Man is also the leader of Jinn. If I can't control a Tiger, the Tiger will control me, and eat me. This is what happens when we cannot control Shaytan and he takes control of our Nafs.

Islam is purer than all other religions. Islam is a religion from Allah (SWT) for the benefit of all Mankind and the whole Universe. Islam has nothing to do with Nationalism, Socialism, Capitalism, Communism or any other man made political affiliation. Islam is a religion from Allah (SWT) for the mumins. This code of life is such that the Maker knows how to keep his creation in good condition. As we are His creation it is our duty to follow these rules and regulations, and if we do not follow the rules and regulations of our Creator we will destroy ourselves: then we will have no one to blame when the time comes for our judgement

It is because Islam is a living religion that it is working for the benefit of the Universe and the believers are working within it by the order of their Creator. It appears that all the Kafirs (disbelievers) are aware of it and that they have taken Islam as their enemy. They never name the Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians or any particular Muslim country as their enemy but they have taken the Muslim countries in general as their enemy.

They have taken Islam as their enemy. They want to destroy Islam completely, even the thought of Islam - not only morally, but also economically, culturally, biologically, or in any other possible way

Suppose thousands of pictures of snakes, tigers or any other dangerous animals are lying on the floor one will not take any notice, but, if even one single real and living snake or dangerous animal is found they will be afraid of it. If they cannot kill it by themselves they will make a plan to destroy the dangerous animal. Because Islam is a living religion it is a danger to all other religions and ways of life. So we believers of One Allah (SWT) must take protection from Allah (SWT) alone. Allah (SWT) promised if we are sincere in our thoughts and works He will assist us in all advertises.

It is very difficult to even think how many ways we are attacked and how much we are destroyed by Kafirs and Shaytan. We are morally destroyed by accepted foreign cultures and ways of thinking. We destroy ourselves biologically when we eat haram food without giving proper consideration to what Allah (SWT) has said. We never consider whether the money that we are spending is Halal or Haram.

We are enjoying our momentary pleasures while we are getting interest and bank loans. When we are in trouble most of our friends are not there to help us. (But if we have faith, fear and affection for Allah (SWT) and for His friends (or Wali Allah) and the Righteous there is a chance of survival.) For example, if you have rich parents and if you are lost at sea all alone, your parents can make arrangements for your rescue. If you do not have any parents or friends, who are well off, then you do not have any chance of survival.

So is the case with our relationship with Allah (SWT). It is a very wonderful thing to make a friendship with Allah (SWT), then wherever we are or whatever the circumstances Allah (SWT) will be there to help us. Even if we are in the seas or fire we can save ourselves with the help of Allah (SWT), just as Ibrahim (A.S.) was saved from the fire into which King Namrood thrust him, and just as Musa (A.S.) was saved from the sea. He will help us in this world and the next and there will be no fear for us in the Hereafter as we will find Allah (SWT) as a protecting friend as He has assured believers again and again.

We Muslims should realise that it is Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) alone who has created us and unto Him we must submit our whole self. This is the meaning of Islam.

Allah (SWT) has also created a biological system. Human beings were put in such a system that they are born and they grow up stage by stage, increasing in intellect and energy, soon they will be given a mission to perform which will be entirely within their capability and capacity as Allah (SWT) does not give any person a burden beyond their capability. Allah (SWT) tells the believers to do their duty and wait for the result, the reward will come soon.

Allah (SWT) systematised all His creations in such a way that one is after another. The person who fears Allah (SWT) will get His love. Unless we have fear of Allah (SWT) we will not earn His affection, we will not understand what love and real affection is. However, Allah (SWT) has said that He has given a thread of affection between one mumin and another. Such love and affection between one Mumin to another will not appear in other religions. Whatever Allah (SWT) created He created for a purpose, and Allah (SWT)'s beloved Prophet (S.A.S) said Whatever Allah (SWT) created with a reason was for a better reason.

Let me address for a moment those recognised and well-known historians, writers, narrators, lectures and philosophers and so-called experts who have devoted themselves to exploring religious ideas and cult religion. I trust they will have taken note of the theories, thoughts and practices of an Indian "pied piper" who called himself Shadu (Hindu priest or saint). When he played the pipe many of the worlds intellectuals abandoned all common-sense, decencies and began to perform "religious" observances in the nude. I hope the writers of the west were pleased with this performance! I do not mean to say that their religion was not originally from Allah (SWT), but they are disturbed, dislocated, diverted and have been misled from the original religion.

The prophet Nuh (A.S) said: "My reward is with Allah and I have been commanded to be among the Muslims." (Yunus 10:72). About the people of Lut (A.S), Allah (SWT) says: "We did not find any home of Muslim except one" (Arafat, 51:36).

Allah (SWT) instructs the Believers to say to the kafir that a time will come when they will die, and they will have to leave whatever they have attained in terms of material gain and their relatives and friends and go into the grave. In the grave they will not be given the power of movement, but they will be able to see in front of them, like a video film, their relatives, friends and worldly affairs going by and they will be helpless to do anything about it or gain any comfort from it. In Surah Sajada Ayat No.20 Allah (SWT) warns "Taste ye the Penalty of the Fire. The which ye were wont To reject as false." So, when there is time, we Muslims must purchase back our Iman from the Shaytan, we must work hard and sacrifice our own selves and wealth for the sake of Allah (SWT). Those who have intellect must use it for the Sake of Allah (SWT), shed our blood as a Shahid (martyr) and do jihad (strive) in every way, especially jihad of the nafs (i.e. we must strive against and suppress our desires). Those who have money should spend it for the sake of Allah (SWT). Those who can fight in the Jihad (holy war) when the time comes must do so.

All Muslims must ask Allah (SWT) to perfect their Iman, to forgive their sins and to give them the Tawfiq to do good deeds and also to provide Hedayat (guidance). If we lose our Iman and do not gain Hedayat, we are surly lost, and become worse than the kafir, we become a munafiq, a deceiving kafir. May Allah (SWT) save us, have mercy on us, forgive us, have pity on us, preserve us, grant us sustenance, protect us and enshroud us with his protection and love and save us from Shaytan and give us Jannatul Firdaws, Ameen.

What Allah (SWT) likes the most is when someone asks Him for forgiveness, asks for His protection from Shaytan. Allah (SWT) said "Oh son of Adam, do not think that you will do any wrong, your father Adam (A.S.) was sent down to Earth as a result of Shaytan's deception (his enemy). Don't be deceived again by Shaytan. Now try to ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT) and follow His Prophet Muhammed (S.A.S). He is the right person to follow, because he is the right ladder to Heaven. And if you disobey him, it means that you have disobeyed Allah (SWT), you will be put into a place worse than Earth, which is called Hell.

"Anyone who has obeyed the messenger has obeyed Allah (SWT)" (QURAN 4:80)

"Muhammed (S.A.S) is not the father of any of your males but he is the messenger and the seal of the prophets; and Allah (SWT) is aware of all things" (QURAN 33:40 ).
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