The Legacy of Islam edited by late Joseph Schacht with C.E. Bosworth. Second edition. Page 99, 182-183, 184-185.

"Arab signs, it's dependence on late-Classicals and Classical signs more or less understood, flooded and secumbed Europe. All the centuries of the late middle age were impregnated by it, even if in the 14th century we notice in patriarch a reaction to the authority of the 'Arabs' in medicine and other signs such as astrology and astronomy, in which until then they had been considered absolute masters.

With this vicissitudes of ancient signs, transmitted to the west to Muslim Spain, were interwoven those of philosophy in that close medieval symbiosis of the two terms. The Arab - Jewish - Christian translators played some role, albeit a subordinate one, in transmission of certain words of Aristotle's Organon to the West and also in the transmission of the Neo-Platonic works, the name of al-Kindi al-Fara bi, Avicenna, and al-Ghazali being of significance in this process. In its sunset period, Muslim Spain gave to Islamic Aristotelianism its last illustrious representatives, Averroes (1126-98) on Averroism and its influence in the West"

"A Quranic verse, 'Allah (SWT) loved those who fought for His cause in ranks, like a lead sealed building' has been taken as indicating divine approval for close formation warfare. In the war against the Byzantine and Persians, the Arabs soon learnt to manoeuvre and fight in large regular formations, to construct and maintain an order of battle, to procure and use the most up-to-date engines of warfare known at the time. Most astonishing of all, they were able, with the help of native Christian population of Syria, Egypt, and North Africa, to build and man war-fleets which could defeat the Byzantine and other Christian natives in the Mediterranean waters which they had so long dominated."

"For the Medieval Muslim, the swift and overwhelming victories won by the Arabs in the heroic age of Islam were providential - proof that their religion was the true one and that Allah (SWT) was on their side. In this age of scepticism, historians have sought, with varying degrees of success, for more worldly and logical explanations."

Of the military history of the Arab conquest little is known. From that little it would appear that, unlike some other builders of empires, The Arabs possessed no special tactical or technical device, which would give them superiority over their opponents - nothing like the Macedonian phalanx, the Roman legion, the horses of the conquistadors, or the fire-power of the Colonialists. On the contrary, as outsiders attacked the two military empires of the day, they suffered from a certain inferiority in skills and armaments as well as in numbers. They had no experience of fighting in large formations. In the early days they had no sea craft and no sea-weapons, and could therefore only blockade, but no besiege, fortified cites. They had no fleet, and even on land had no equivalent of the heavy armoured cavalry and the catapults of Byzantium and Persia."

How and why did the Muslim power decline? From the Hadith our Prophet (S.A.S) said that if we live according to the Quran and Hadith and keep away from the forbidden things (Haram things) and care for Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will listen to our prayers. But, if we disregard His orders, and do not follow the Quran and Hadith, our prayers will not be answered.

The first Crusade of Jerusalem (Palestine) fell into the hands of Crusaders from Arab. Then, it was re-occupied by Salauddin Ayubi. The Crusaders tried to occupy from Salauddin Ayubi again but they never succeeded. During this period, Richard The King of England (Lion Heart) also tried his best to deceive Salauddin Ayubi. He sent spies to spy on Salauddin Ayubi and tried to influence Salauddin's brother (Commander in chief of Salauddin's army) by offering him wealth, position and women.

During this conspiracy, there was a maid servant in the tent, she over heard everything and reported this to Salauddin Ayubi. He then called his brother and offered him wealth and said, "Brother, do you want this wealth or Islam?" His brother replied that he wanted Islam. He was then sent back to his post. Then Salauddin summoned the spy who was engaged in the conspiracy. When the spy arrived, he acted as though he was deaf and dumb. As if he did not know anything. Salauddin was worried as to how to prosecute him without finding him guilty. Salauddin realised that the spy could be acting deaf and dumb so he found out a way to test him. He put the spy in the middle of a circle and he circled him whilst shaking a money bag full of change so that the sound could be clearly heard. Salauddin dropped the bag behind the spy and as soon as the large noise was heard, the spy turned his face towards the sound. This clearly proved that the spy was lying. Salauddin said that the spy would be be-headed if he did not disclose the name and address of his Head of Department.

The spy saved himself by telling Salauddin what he wanted to know. Salauddin summoned the Head of the Department. When he came, Salauddin said to him, "If you submit your plan and programmes and the things you have done, you will be excused from being be-headed." He answered, "Do you mean what you have said?" Salauddin said that he did. On hearing this the spy started to smile. When Salauddin enquired why the spy was smiling, the spy replied that the enemy has realised that they cannot succeed by fighting with any Muslim army, because the Muslim army always gets invisible help. The spy and his group had found that the only way to defeat the Muslim army was to encourage them to take haram things so that they did not receive help from Allah (SWT). Accordingly the enemy had opened a number of night-clubs, supplying women and wine, planning to dilute the faith of the Muslims with the hope that Allah (SWT) would not answer the prayers of the future generations.

I believe that the Muslims of Today are suffering from the disease we are carrying from the past. Still there is time to ask for help and forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

Although the rest of the world thinks of Islam as their enemy, still we find they also recognise or acknowledge, in many cases the goodness of Islam. We Muslims can well draw a lesson from this. Firstly, despite the nominal independence of the various Muslim states, Islam is as politically important now as under European colonial rule a century ago. The only difference being that, prior to the second world war, when imperialism was administered directly, it is now perpetuated directly through the native economic and military rulers who are Muslims in no more than name."

It is the duty of the Muslim scholar to make Jews and Christians understand that only in Islam the true Prophetic traditions can be found. The Holy Prophet Muhammed (S.A.S) is reported to have declared that the "best Jihad is to speak the truth in the presence of an unjust ruler and sacrifice one's life for that cause" (Islam and Orientation by Maryam Jameelah).

And your Lord says "Call on me, I will answer your prayer, but those who are too arrogant to serve me will surely find themselves in Hell in humiliation". (Surah Al-Mumin 40:60)
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